In principle, the school

In principle, the school Not casually Albert Einstein noticed thateducation is that remains at the person, when it zabyeverything to that went to school howls.

In principle, the school triesto prepare the child for the subsequent study at university, butdoes not give it education in the true sense of the word.

Let's return to more capacious term education,designating process of formation of the personality, mirovozsight and behavior of each of us.

Education does not begin also does not come to the end with a facetoface lesson.

Education essenceteaching the child – the small person – on to the present of successful life.

The school trainin the main thingin a way to learn a material, for a long time became outdated.

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What right

What right Even if the kid will have any deviations from the general representations in a body it such and has the right to life.

What right physicians have to sentence to death yet not been born kid For murder commission in this world the judgment or hostilities is necessary.

The soldier kills the opponent.

Even the murderer in many countries of the world do not kill, and give the chance to live.

Thousand people exhausted with deadly diseases and pains, ask about lawful killin and to them refuse.

Why with such ease the medicine kills yet not born children How parents go on such, knowin what their kid wants to live Children can make the decision to go to this period.

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And expressioneducation

And expressioneducationSpock not so much the theorist, how many the practician the experimenter guaranteeing the pedagogicalthe success which is carefully preserving parents against the unjustifiedrisk, inept innovation and mistakes.

Recommendations use special popularitySpock at young mothers.

And expressioneducation according to Spock already became winged.

Iteducation humanistic, creative, leaningon two forces on scientific knowledge and nationalwisdom.

Today hardly there will be mother who does not know,that the child should not be swaddled hardly and it is not obligatoryto feed according to the schedule.

But in the middle of the XX centurythese strange councils of doctor Spock became realsensation.

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And child

And child Personsciences creates and rules.

Hieroglyphs of figures again andagain bring down on crowds new achievements, svide about power of mankind.

All this should be captured memory and to comprehend.

Years of persistent study last, pain is more increasing also schools, examinations, printing word.

And child malenthe cue, weak, lives still not for long did not read, does not know.

We foster, we cover from troubles, we feed and we train.

Itreceives everything without cares; than it would be without us, whichby everything it is obligedAll is exclusive, unique also we.

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Use of the protective

Use of the protective Your answers to questions of the doctor will help to reveal dangerous symptoms of an illness.

removal separated of a nose is better for carrying out directly ahead of feeding of the child.

Wiping the child a nose, be convinced that the rag used by you soft and well absorbs the separated.

Use of the protective ointments containing an aloe, will prevent the subsequent irritation in a nose.

IT IS FLU OR COLDComparison of symptoms see on page The condition of the child can be improved air moistening in a room in which it is.

Dry air razdrazhayushche affects the top respiratory ways.

Podrob aching discussion of humidifiers see on the th week.

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